Survios ha ufficializzato pochi minuti fa, l’uscita del loro gioco in realtà Virtuale “Raw Data” anche per Oculus Rift, spledida notizia.

Il gioco è ancora in fase di sviluppo, ma acquistabile al prezzo di 37€ in accesso anticipato su Steam.

Riporto il comunicato presente anche su Steam

Hi all! James here, writing from San Francisco as we get ready for the first day of Game Developers Conference (GDC) 2017! Hard to believe that it’s only been a year since we demoed an Alpha-state incarnation of Raw Data at GDC 2016, where it got its first major mainstream press coverage and won the Tom’s Guide “Best VR Game” accolade. GDC is a very important show for us, and this year, it’s even better because our Raw Data focus is all about you, the community. That’s because it’s about to get a lot bigger. Today you’ll see some news of the upcoming Update 0.6, set to launch next month. Along with a lot of amazing new content–a Saija ability rework, new Boss abilities, and a devastating new Data Chamber mission–we’re also launching the official Oculus Touch build of Raw Data on Oculus Home. This is not simply a port–we have completely reengineered and optimized the Raw Data experience specifically for Oculus Touch, including support for two-camera 180° tracking for gamers with limited-size playspaces, plus three-camera mode. Along with that, Raw Data will gain cross-platform functionality, allowing Vive users on Steam to play and socialize with Oculus Home users. Cross-platform has been an important goal for Survios since the beginning because we believe that VR must be a platform-agnostic social experience, and we’re stoked to be able to bring two badass platform communities together to murder tons of evil robots. I’m thrilled to personally welcome Oculus gamers into the Raw Data community. You guys are amazing, and we can’t wait to grow together with you. Stay tuned for lots more exciting content to come on both sides of the headset!

Sincerely, James & Survios team



Che dire? per una volta nella vita sarete contenti di prendervelo nel Oculus no?

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